About Humane Maths

Humane maths is about humanising the maths curriculum. Making it human-friendly for all kinds of learners. The focus is to create an environment where all children ‘come to maths and then maths is taken’ to all of them. The environment is created by taking teaching startegies that make the classroom mentally stimulating, emotionally appealing and physically relaxing. 'Emotionally friendly is the main strength of the program'. This is done by integrating maths with art, poetry and much more.

"It is guaranteed that no child will be afraid of maths once the curriculum is humanized. "

This is primarily a school curriculum based program but I can 'humanize' the eLearning as well as the publishing maths content too. Give me your lesson plans, story boards, worksheets, books and see what I can do!

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Worth Reading

Math + Magic = Mathemagician 

by Monica Kochar (Author)

Buy from paperback - 2016

"The sum total of Monica's experience in teaching Maths for over 19 years is condensed in this small book. This is very helpful for learning learer centric strategies for teaching. Useful for teachers, parents and special educators. "


"Monica has written several articles for the Azim Premji magazine, TeacherPlus. "

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"A synthetic approach to User based learning in MAths published by igi global. "

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"Teachers of india, an initiative by Azim Premji foundation, picked up Monica's article on her aproach to MAths - Humanemaths."

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